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Welcome to our Resources page, your gateway to a wealth of knowledge and insights. Explore our collection of blog posts covering a diverse range of topics, from management strategies and organizational design to economic trends and industry-specific analyses. Delve deeper into thought-provoking articles that offer in-depth perspectives on management principles and economic theories. Discover the literature that served as the foundation for Stream Theory, offering a deeper understanding of the frameworks and concepts that drive effective organizational change and growth. 

Articles & Blog Posts

The Foundation

Stream Theory

Hybrid Management System

Value Streams, Stakeholder Experiences, Focus Wave, Change Roadmap, Scheduled Backlog, Agile Rhythm, and Gamified Employee Engagement.

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Eliahu Goldratt

Theory of Constraints

Production optimization algorithms and logical tools; throughput-based measurement system.



Let's Play Work!

Parallel measurement system, transparent rewards, engaged, happy, productive employees.



Critical Path/Chain Project Management

Waterfall project management principles, tools, and techniques for structured and fast delivery.


W.E. Deming

Systemic Quality Management

14 Points, systemic view of an organization, statistical process control, theory of variation, culture of quality.


The Decalogue

Deming & Goldratt

A simple, yet effective algorithm for transforming an organization; process & project buffer control.



Software Development with Scrum

Iterative execution rhythm, self-organizing teams, streamlined communication process, definition of done.


Behavioral Psychology

Sincere Recognition

Soft skills and emotional intelligence, team organization and building, sincere rewards and recognition.

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