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Explore our comprehensive suite of services that extend beyond training and certification. Our community of experts offers a spectrum of consulting and management solutions, leveraging Stream Theory principles, tailored to your organizational needs. Whether you require assistance in optimizing your systems, seeking valuable advice and recommendations, or require end-to-end project execution, we are here to support you. Delve into our Advisory and Delivery services outlined below to discover the diverse ways in which we can enhance your business alongside Stream Theory training and certification.

Advisory Services

Whether you're building a new organization or seeking to optimize an existing team, we can help elevate your management systems. Our experts specialize in customizing and enhancing process and project management, aligning them seamlessly with your company's goals and vision. We integrate organizational elements and measurements into streamlined reporting, enhancing prioritization, communication, output quality, and team productivity. The following domains are typically included in the Advisory Services:

Business Women Planning
  • Business Analysis

Comprehensive enterprise value stream analysis, system constraint​ identification, and throughput review.

  • Experience Analysis and Design

Customer, employee, supplier and other stakeholder analysis outlining pain points and opportunities for improvement.​

  • Strategic Planning

Organizational vision and goals, change drivers, and required velocity.​


  • Measurement and Reporting

Analysis of existing measurements and reporting; future state design with enhanced and optimized measurement system.​

  • Organizational Design

Organizational process optimization for increased efficiency and output quality.​

  • Project Management Office

Design of organizational change management processes and project prioritization mechanisms.​

  • Quality Assurance

Design of experience-driven operational processes, such as DevSecOps, Test-Driven Development, etc.​

Delivery Services

When urgent project needs arise or you require delivery of an entire portfolio, we are here to step in and assist. With partners boasting experience across diverse economic sectors, you gain access to extensive domain knowledge coupled with a comprehensive understanding of broader market dynamics and the economy. We prioritize quality and reliability in our work, so don't hesitate to reach out if you find yourself in such a critical situation.

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  • End-to-end Project / Program Management

One of the quickest ways to learn Stream Theory is to experience it first-hand. When you request assistance with project or program delivery, we will come in, organize and lead the work leveraging your team or providing our domain experts, depending on your specific needs and project requirements. We will set up a management system customized to your unique situation and will hand the system over post-project delivery. With us you can be confident in the result. ​

  • Enterprise-level Portfolio Organization and Management

For more strategic organizational needs, we are happy to offer our Portfolio Management solution. Similar to project and program management, this service will ensure a consistent, comprehensive management of all change initiatives, connecting them all with the company vision and appropriately prioritized. The outcome of this engagement will be a fully functional, highly effective, enterprise-wide management function, integrated into the organization.​

  • On-demand Subject Matter Expertise

When you rely on us to help you deliver a project, you don't want to have to worry about having enough people or having the right people to get the work done. We rely on our trusted network of professionals to find and engage the right experts at the right time, so you can focus on other business matters.​

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