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A Roadmap to Change

Visualization has a powerful impact on our perception. The same information, presented in a different way, may carry new insights. Roadmaps are extremely effective in showing what to change and when, and are key for scaling Agile practices in an organization.

Strategic Roadmaps help connect the entire portfolio of projects with a common company goal, taking into consideration project complexity and team-level ownership. They help determine and visualize Critical Chain for completing a Transformation. They are simple and highly effective communication tools, where color coding serves as a status signal. It offers teams possibilities and opportunities to be most effective and efficient in their work. With proper use, this tool can become key for driving innovation.

Operational Roadmaps use the same structure, but the data is more granular. Team Transformation Roadmaps can outline key activities to achieve a specific objective. This objective is in turn part of a Strategic Initiative, planned for achieving a common company goal. This is how all projects and tasks can be connected together.

Additional metadata helps organize and prioritize initiatives. It includes ownership, complexity and interdependency. These building blocks help create and measure a 'Change Roadmap'. They are key for communicating progress and predicting overall transformation success.

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